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Troll Cat Comics is now entering its 6th year and Santhosh Christudas is planning on starting an official animated series with talented voice actor Jack Thomas who does most of the voice acting for his popular YouTube videos The Most Dangerous Animal, and Cat vs Mankey series

In 2015, the first ever animated version of Troll Cat first appeared in

"The Troll Cat App" starring Santhosh Christudas, Jack Thomas, Razzel Summers

and a host of other actors and characters.

The show idea and pilot episode was funded by  Disney XD, in association

with Maker Max.

Santhosh Christudas interviewed with his friends/team Anand, Bharadwaj, and  Sathish Kumar. Read the full interview here

Santhosh Christudas with a poster starring

Troll Cat for Algonquin College Club



Troll Cat Comics were created in 2011 by animator, musician and YouTube video maker Santhosh Christudas/jackbliss in 2011 for his Facebook friends and his blog.

The comic centers around a complete loser who lived with a mischievous cat who loved to troll people sometimes to save money but mostly for the kicks.

Though known for his PSA and inspirational music videos this comic was his first real attempt to make something light and humorous. Over the years it got some great comments from friends and even a slight fan following. The cat has since then starred in posters for Algonquin College Mature Students Club, earned over a thousand likes on our official Facebook Page, and even got some intense haters in online forums of popular websites like Albinoblacksheep. Some fan made versions of the comics even began to appear on the internet.