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Troll Cat Comics was created in 2011 by cartoonist, musician and YouTuber Santhosh (Sunny) Christudas aka jackbliss in 2011 for his Facebook friends and his blog. The comic centers around a complete loser who lived with a mischievous cat. The characters were based in India originally but became more

Canadian based as Santhosh immigrated to Canada from 2012 onwards.














Over the years it got some great comments from friends and even a slight fan following. The cat has since then starred in posters for Algonquin College Mature Students Club, and even got some intense followers in online forums of popular websites like Some fan made versions of the comics even began to appear on the internet.

In 2015, thanks to Maker Max Studios, Disney XD funded a pilot episode of The Troll Cat App after a successful pitch.

In 2019, Khozam Studios produced animated shorts based on Troll Cat comics


Published interview of Santhosh and his team in 2012 for The Hindu Newspaper

pg 4.jpg

First published comic


Poster feat. Troll Cat for one of the events organized by

Algonquin College Mature Students Club in 2013

Troll Cat the animated series by Khozam Studios

The Troll Cat App - Disney XD Pilot submission

In July 2020, Troll Cat's first ever comic book was published by Agora Publishing


In June 2021, Troll Cat was featured on the cover of the book "Credit Smart" by renowned financial guru Doug Vairo.

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